Question: What year Friendster started?

What year did Friendster end?

On June 14, 2015 Friendster, citing the evolving landscape in our challenging industry and lack of engagement by the online community, suspended their services. Three years later, on June 30, 2018 it closed down as a company and eventually dissolved.

When was Friendster invented?

March 2002: Friendster Launched by Jonathan Abrams and Peter Chin in March 2002, the site was built on the premise that people were separated by six degrees. A feature that showed how you were connected to strangers made meeting people less intimidating and highly addictive.

What was before Friendster?

Friendster was one of the first social networks when it launched in 2002, preceding MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook. Mashable described Friendster well as essentially a more pared down version of Facebook: a place to connect with friends and family, and interact via messages and groups through your social network.

How can I recover my old Friendster account?

Send your request to our customer service at We will try to help you retrieve your Friendster details if we can verify your profile.

Who bought Six Degrees?

YouthStream NEW YORK -- College-age marketing firm Network Event Theater Inc., which operates as YouthStream Media Networks, said it agreed to acquire community Web site operator sixdegrees inc. ( ) for about $120 million in stock.

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