Question: What does it mean if a guy wants to hang?

What does it mean when a guy asks to hang?

It Means You Have Sex, But You Arent Dating The person youre seeing is interested in sleeping with you, but nothing more. “If someone asked me to hang out, I wouldnt assume they were planning a date night or wanted to catch up over coffee. They probably just want to spend time in their apartment and have sex.”

What do you say when a guy asks to hang?

Tell him, I like you, but I want to get to know you better before I commit to a relationship. Lets hang out as friends and see what happens. If you want to say yes, but are not ready to have a relationship yet, you could say I want to date you. I want to hold your hand.

What does do you want to hang out mean?

Its slang for Do you want to hang out? which means do you want to meet up and spend some time together? this is usually as friends, you wouldnt say this to ask someone out on a date.

What does it mean when a woman wants to hang out?

Answer: Whether she suggests that you hang out, get together, or do something, it almost always means going out on a date, so I wouldnt worry about telling the difference. You may think its vague, but a lot of women consider asking a man to hang out to be a pretty bold come-on.

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