Question: What is Kazakhstan known for?

A cultural melting pot of 131 ethnicities, home to stunning nature, including the famed Altai mountains and Kazakh steppe, as well as the Golden Man, the countrys Tutankhamun, Kazakhstan offers the ultimate adventure.

What is Kazakhstan famous for producing?

Unsurprisingly, Kazakhstan is associated with oil and the black gold takes the number one spot in the list. Kazakhstan produces approximately 81 million tons of oil per year. The runner-up in the top ten of Kazakhstani brands is Baikonur, the first and the largest space launch complex in the world.

What are three interesting facts about Kazakhstan?

12 interesting facts about KazakhstanKazakhstan is home to about 120 ethnic groups and nationalities.The border between Russia and Kazakhstan is the longest continuous land border in the world (7512.8 kilometers)The chimney of Ekibastuz GRES-2 is the highest in the world (420 meters)More items •13 Mar 2021

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