Question: What can I say instead of unemployed?

Whats another way to say unemployed?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unemployed, like: jobless, out-of-work, laid-off, at liberty, canned, in the bread lines, unoccupied, on the dole, between-jobs, receiving charity and idle.

How do you say unemployed politely?

Other ways to say youre out of work involve saying what you are doing:Well right now Im spending a lot of time with my family.Right now Im spending a lot of my time writing a book/studying/taking language classes.Im looking for work in accounting.Im organising a trip abroad.Im taking a break right now from work.More items •Dec 8, 2012

What do you call someone with no job?

Such a person is referred to as an Idler or a Loafer. He is a person who avoids work or spends time in an aimless or lazy way.

What do I put for occupation if unemployed?

The IRS is not picky at all about the Occupation field. Enter the Occupation that earned the income you are reporting on your 2014 return. If unemployed for the entire year use unemployed. I hope this helps.

How do you say lazy in a nice way?

fainéantbum.good-for-nothing.layabout.lazy person.loafer.neer-do-well.slacker.sluggard.More items

What are some gangster slang words?

Some of the most popular ganger slang words of the 20s included:bean shooter - a gun.beef - a problem or complaint.blow one down - to kill someone.bop - to kill.bruno - an enforcer; gangster tough guy.bump - to kill.button man - a hit man; killer for hire.can opener - safecracker.More items

What are examples of occupation?

Occupation includes all the activities or tasks that a person performs each day. For example, getting dressed, playing a sport, taking a class, cooking a meal, getting together with friends, and working at a job are considered occupations.

Is housewife an occupation?

One dictionary defines an occupation as “an activity that serves as ones regular source of livelihood.” Being a housewife is an activity that gets one food, clothing, and a place to live, and that certainly meets the dictio- narys definition of having an occupation.

What to call people who are lazy?

slothful In literary contexts, a person who is lazy can be called slothful.

How do professionals say lazy?

The words indolent and slothful are common synonyms of lazy. While all three words mean not easily aroused to activity, lazy suggests a disinclination to work or to take trouble.

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