Question: Where are the girls in Yakuza 4?

Where are the girls for Elise Yakuza 4?

The three locations are: Bantam, Cuez Bar, and right in front of Millennium Tower, the girl and her father arguing.

Where is Bob in Yakuza 4?

Bob is located at the Tenkaichi Street Entrance in Kamurocho.

How many hours is Yakuza 4?

According to the website How Long to Beat, the main story campaign of Yakuza 4 takes somewhere between 23 and 24 hours to complete. This covers a straight line, start to finish playthrough of the story, without engaging in any shenanigans on the side.

How many Substories are in Yakuza 7?

52 Substories Many early Substories become available naturally as part of the story, while others youll need to seek out or meet specific requirements in order to begin them. There are 52 Substories in total, many unlockable in different chapters throughout the game.

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