Question: Who are the First Dates waitresses?

Joining Fred, Merlin Griffiths and waiting staff CiCi Coleman and Grant Urquhart for the 16th series are David, Fiona and Daniella. The newbies have all worked in hospitality before being snapped up to star in the forthcoming series.

Who is the female waitress on first dates?

First Dates waitress Cici Coleman wows in gym gear after incredible transformation. First Dates waitress Cici Coleman looked astonishing after her body transformation. She shot to fame as the waitress on First Dates and now shes doing fitness exercise classes over Zoom in lockdown.

Who are the staff in the first dates restaurant?

But more often than not were actually interested in the lives of the staff that work in the restaurant. The bartenders and waiting team, who are led by Maitre d Fred Siriex, have become famous in their own right over the years due to their awkward reaction and hilarious insights into the dates.

What happened to waitress in first dates?

Sadly Laura Tott is missing from the 16th series of First Dates. The waitress wont appear in the new series of the popular dating show. Laura, 25, announced the news on social media over the weekend. She explained that she had been dropped from the cast after C4s decision to “freshen up the team”.

Is Laura Tott dating?

First Dates star Laura Tott announces she is ENGAGED as she shows off her dazzling diamond ring. First Dates waitress Laura Tott has announced she is engaged as she showed off her dazzling diamond ring to Instagram on Wednesday.

How old is Laura Tott?

25 years old Who is Laura Tott and how old is she? Laura is 25 years old and comes from Staines, Surrey.

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