Question: Is that really Tag Team in the Geico commercial?

It was hard to miss Geicos ad featuring Tag Team earlier this year. The commercial, officially called “Tag Team Helps With Dessert” but better known as Scoop! There It Is! features the duo singing ice cream flavor lyrics to the tune of their 1993 hit “Whoomp!

Is that Tag Team really in commercial?

The film student and staff member shows off her dance moves while starring in Geicos Scoop, there it is! ad featuring 90s hip hop duo Tag Team. Three years after jumping back into acting, Carr is starring in the latest Geico commercial, which features a hilarious remake of Tag Teams hit “Whoomp! (There it is).”

Who is the woman in the Geico commercial with Tag Team?

Nicci Carr Nicci Carr as “Tasha” in the Geico commercial featuring Tag Team and “Scoop! There it is!” Evelyn Jamison holds daughter Nicci, who was about 4 years old at the time of this photo, before their family moved to Richmond when Nicci was about 8.

Who are the actors in the Geico commercial with Tag Team?

Carr and Tag Team duo Cecil Glenn and Steve Gibson, the spot also features Anthony Goolsby as her husband and Amethyst Davis as her daughter.

Who are the two black guys in the GEICO commercial?

The ever-present Geico ad featuring Atlantas Tag Team — aka DC “The Brain Supreme” Glenn (Cecil Glenn) and Steve “Rolln” Gibson — flipping sugary mounds of dairy into bowls while grinning and barking, “Scoop!

Who is the guy singing in the car in the Allstate commercial?

Dennis Haysbert The man who has become known as the Allstate commercial guy is Dennis Haysbert.

Who sings the song Stay on the GEICO commercial?

Lisa Loeb GEICO has also shared the names of the cast… The song Lisa Loeb sings is a variation of her song “Stay (I Missed You),” released in 1994. It reached #1 on Billboards Hot 100 and was part of the soundtrack for the movie Reality Bites.

Who is the female voice on the Allstate commercial?

Allstates commercials are always evocative and enticing, and their latest is no different. The ad, voiced by Alicia Keys, features people going about their lives while a fun, cool, and swanky instrumental song plays in the background (via YouTube). If youre thinking that this music sounds familiar, youd be right.

Who are the rappers in the GEICO ice cream commercial?

Hip hop group Tag Team to help you plan dessert? As you could then surmise, DC the Brain Supreme and Steve Rolln of the 1990s duo Tag Team pop up on cue to perform an ice cream-themed parody of their hit song, Whoomp! (There It Is) affectionately called Scoop (There It Is).

Was there a sloth in a Geico commercial?

They have launched a new campaign called Count On with this new spot called Game Night featuring the first ever sloth in a Geico spot.

What is the song in the new GEICO commercial?

Build Me Up Buttercup Cruising down the open road, this motorcyclist gives a spirited rendition of Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations, only to be rudely awakened from his daydream by none other than his own buttercup -- his just-wedded bride.

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