Question: Is Monster Prom online?

Yup! Playing online is 1 copy per person. Local play is just 1 copy for the entire party.

How does online multiplayer work Monster Prom?

To do this, players choose where within the high school they want to go, with each location giving you a boost to a specific stat. Youll then be given a random event where youll be forced to pick between two different outcomes. While Monster Prom: XXL can be played single-player, the real fun begins in multiplayer.

Does only one person need Monster Prom?

In Monster Prom and its sequels, players have the option to play alone or with up to 3 others. Playing with two or more people introduces exclusive mechanics not present in the single-player experience.

Does everyone need a copy of Monster Prom?

Monster Prom Will the Online Multiplayer require everyone to own a copy of the game? Yes, but you can simply share screen if only one copy is available, as local multiplayer is there and as long as they can see your screen (skype, team viewer, etc) its all the same.

Can you remote play Monster Prom?

STEAM REMOTE PLAY IS A PART OF US! Steam just announced their new Remote Play Together feature, which is cool because you can basically play Monster Prom with anyone on Steam, even if they dont own the game! Were also part of the Steam Remote Play Together Sale, where youll find our game at a discount.

Can you date another player in Monster Prom?

Monster Prom can be played locally or online with up to four players. You can go solo, but it really sounds like an experience designed to be shared with a couple of friends sitting on the same couch: rather than dating each other, youre each competing to woo the same six classmates.

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