Question: Are Libras touchy feely?

Libra (September 23 - October 22) Libra may take a minute to choose a partner, but once they do, theyll be super affectionate. They love love and bask in romance and sweet nothings, McCarthy says.

Are Libras touchy?

Libra is a great sounding board, and as the icebreakers of the Zodiac, theyre easy to be with. Theyre instinctively looking for a match thats not too intense or too peaceful, but just right. Libra isnt especially touchy-feely, despite being all about the twosome.

Why are Libras so touchy?

According to Dr. Elisa Robyn, PhD, an astrologer and astrology transitions consultant, Libras are associated with the lower back and butt region. Theyre also associated with the kidneys, skin, and endocrine system — these are sensitive areas on their body that can be considered their erogenous zones.

How do Libras like to be touched?

Libras love to have their backend cheeks gently stroked or hit gently with a love tap, Stardust says. Plus, if youre a Libra whos definitely interested in this type of touch, and are looking for more (or have thought about it), it might be a sign that anal play is right for you.

Do Libras like arguing?

When it comes to arguing, Libra often cant help themselves. Their arguments are not malicious; theyre more like gentle love bites — the kind that puppies exchange. Theyre Venus ruled, so arguing about inconsequential things is a way for them to relate.

What Libras want in relationships?

Libras are classy creatures and they want to be in a relationship with someone who mirrors their own grace. Because your Libra lover puts so much into your partnership, they really just want the same in return. They want to know they matter to you.

Are Libras good with money?

Libra tends to be too generous, but their generosity comes from wanting to be liked by people. They try to keep a trace of their money, but things always come up and they end up spending. Theyre always broke at the end of each month. But it makes them happy when they can help someone or do something for fun.

How is the love life of Libra?

As the most romantic sign in the zodiac, Libras have a way of making your love story unfold in a really magical way. Theyre sweet, attentive, and very affectionate. As the zodiacs biggest hopeless romantic, Libras love being courted and pursued. They need to be sure that your interest is 100 percent on them.

How can I impress a Libra girl?

How to Attract a Libra WomanKeep it interesting. Libra women love adventure, whether that means a spontaneous day or night on the town or an intelligent conversation. Give her space. Libra women believe in partnership. Shower her with luxury. These ladies love the finer things in life. Stay calm.

Why you should never argue with a Libra?

Ever try arguing with a Libra? Youll end up losing simply because they are equipped with a survival mechanism that wont allow them to show their full power and this leads to passive-aggressive behavior. They will leave you feeling like youve been defeated, and yet theyll do it with a smile.

Who is Libras twin flame?

1. Gemini. Gemini is a great match for a Libra. The two of them dont have to worry about balancing a social life and a relationship because both of them value a healthy and efficient social life.

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