Question: What are match Mutual picks?

A mutual match search finds and sorts people for you based on how many traits they have that youre looking for, and how many traits you have that theyre looking for. You can see how closely you match in each persons profile thumbnail (as highlighted in the screenshot below).

What are match top picks?

Recommended - Top Picks. Recommended profiles are members in your area that weve selected for you based on your preferences. Top Picks will follow most of the preferences that you entered on your profile. They also reflect your recent activity on the site, like who youve sent Likes and Messages to.

What does a blue heart mean on match com?

What does the blue heart mean on match? Heart – This indicates you are saying “Yes”, or “Liking” their profile. You can also swipe right to indicate this. X – This indicates a “No”. You can also swipe left for the same action.

Do your top picks see you?

Top Picks are profiles youll like most. Each day, Tinder provides a curated set of Top Picks to highlight your biggest potential matches. Since the Top Picks list is smaller and more unique to you, youll be more likely to find someone you match well with⁠, and swipe right on them.

How do you know if someone super liked you?

If youve been notified of a Super Like, open Tinder and start swiping to find out whos Super Liked you. Their profile may not be the first in your card stack, but will appear eventually with a bright blue star icon. Like their profile for an immediate match!

How do you know if youre on top picks?

However, it might be more likely that youre a Top Pick if youre getting more Super Likes and matches than usual. You can tell if someone Super Likes you if you see a blue star around their profile while swiping, but this doesnt necessarily mean youre being shown to that person as a Top Pick.

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