Question: Is Lakewood Ranch good for singles?

Is Lakewood Ranch expensive to live?

Cost of Living in Lakewood Ranch, FL Living near the beautiful Florida coast can be expensive, but the good news is the cost of living in Lakewood Ranch isnt too far above the U.S. average.

Is Lakewood Ranch a good place to retire?

Lakewood Ranch is a town in and of its own offering everything your heart might desire in the cozy comfort of a friendly family-oriented community. The curb appeal is superb and residents know it in one of the best Florida retirement cities.

What is the population of Lakewood Ranch?

11,442 Lakewood Ranch is an area in Northeast Sarasota,Sarasota,Sarasota County,Florida with a population of 11,442. There are 5,714 male residents living in Lakewood Ranch and 5,728 female residents.

How many houses are in Lakewood Ranch?

14,731 homes At 50 square miles, Lakewood Ranch is now home to 21 residential villages, 12 business centers, 14,731 homes and a population of 35,547, Jensen said in March. In its 25th year, Lakewood Ranch has until recently been unrivaled by any other area in Manatee County for home-building activity.

What is the average age in Lakewood Ranch?

47 ➢ Lakewood Ranch is planned as a primary home, multi-generational community with appropriately priced and designed residential product types and lifestyle amenities that appeal to various age, income, and household segments; 77% of the households are owner-occupied. The average age in 2018 was 47.

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