Question: Why is the Eastern Cape an attractive tourist destination?

Thanks to its diversity of ecosystems, the parks claim to fame is that its the only national park in the world to protect the Big 7—the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, lion, and leopard) as well as the great white shark and southern right whale.

Why is Eastern Cape important?

There is much fertile land in the Eastern Cape, and agriculture remains important. The fertile Langkloof Valley in the southwest has large deciduous fruit orchards. In the Karoo there is widespread sheep farming. People in the former Transkei region are dependent on cattle, maize and sorghum-farming.

How many cultural attractions are in the Eastern Cape?

Cultural Sites (1 of 588 Things To Do in Eastern Cape)

What makes Cape Town an attractive international tourism?

One of the many reasons that travelers choose to visit Cape Town is its abundance of scenic beauty and natural attractions. The city itself is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain, one of the worlds Seven Wonders of Nature.

Has Port Elizabeth changed its name?

South Africas Port Elizabeth Will Now Be Called Gqeberha : NPR. South Africas Port Elizabeth Will Now Be Called Gqeberha The second-oldest colonial city in South Africa, Port Elizabeth, has a new name.

What does Port Elizabeths new name mean?

Gqeberha -- (CNN) South Africas city of Port Elizabeth has been officially renamed to Gqeberha -- derived from the Xhosa language -- the native tongue of late political hero Nelson Mandela.

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