Question: Can you date at West Point?

Can you have a relationship at West Point?

Every relationship takes work but dating someone at West Point or in any form of military is going to be difficult. West Point is very rigorous, especially the first year, and stressful for everyone involved. Be prepared to put an effort into making your relationship flourish during these four years.

Can you marry at West Point?

You must not be married, pregnant, or have a legal obligation to support a child or children. If you are a naturalized citizen, you must provide documentation. What are the academic requirements? To qualify academically at West Point you should have an above average high school or college academic record.

Do West Point cadets get breaks?

Plebes are given time off along with all of the rest of the Corps for Spring Break. Make reservations in advance to get the best airfares and travel times. It will be a good time for you and your cadet to reflect on the experiences at West Point and relax a bit.

Are West Point cadets allowed to leave campus?

Since Cadets are not allowed off campus during the week (Seniors can leave after the duty day 4:00PM but have to be back by TAPS at 1130) the most common place to run into someone is at Arvin (the gym).

Is it hard to get into West Point?

Admissions Overview West Point admissions is extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 12%. Students that get into West Point have an average SAT score between 1160-1380 or an average ACT score of 25-30. The regular admissions application deadline for West Point is January 31.

How much is a West Point ring worth?

Friday evening, the members of the Class of 2020 became the latest cadets to receive their class rings during a ceremony at Trophy Point. The rings came in various colors and designs from simple to elaborate and varied in price from a low of $300 to a high of $11,000.

What is the hardest military school to get into?

USNA is the most competitive of the service academies in terms of admissions, with only 9% of applicants receiving an acceptance. Applicants must be 17 to 23 years old, unmarried, with no children, and of good character.

Is West Point as good as Harvard?

A West Point diploma is at least as impressive as a Harvard diploma for a lot of things, says Robert Farley, an assistant professor of national security at the University of Kentucky.

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