Question: Is Kerala matrimony safe? At BharatMatrimony we are committed to the safety and security of our members and do all we can to protect members privacy. While we offer one of the most secure platforms, there are a few things you as a member can do to be in control. I choose my level of privacy.

Which is the best matrimonial site in Kerala?

KeralaMatrimony is the leading matrimonial service provider for lakhs of Malayali brides and Malayali grooms worldwide.

Is matrimonial site safe?

The world of matrimonial sites is not always safe and we often get to know about how people get duped by frauds they meet online. Please dont fall for such tricks and be cautious if the person you met on a matrimonial site asks for money.

How can I introduce myself in matrimony site?

If you are serious about finding a suitable life partner, you will make the effort to introduce yourself properly. You should include your first name. Writing an introduction is not as daunting as it sounds and once you get the first few words down, the rest will flow easy.

How can I delete my Kerala matrimony profile?

Log in to your account. On the top right corner of the page, click the Setting icon. From the drop down list click Settings. In Profile Settings, click Delete Profile and enter your profile password to delete your account.

What should I write in marriage about me?

How To Write Matrimony ProfileStep One: Say Hello. Step Two: Your Beliefs. Step Three: Career And Education. Step Four: Family Details. Step Five: Your Ideal Partner.Dec 4, 2016

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