Question: What happens if I hook up jumper cables wrong?

When the jumper cables are incorrectly connected, the polarity of the electrical system on the vehicle with the dead battery will be reversed for a few seconds. This can irreparably damage many of the sensitive electronic components that are common on todays vehicles, such as on-board computers and electronic sensors.

What happens if positive and negative jumper cables touch?

Accidental Sparking Jumper cables are universally color-coded red for positive and black for negative. Reversing these polarities will almost certainly result in a massive spark that can cause severe burn injuries. The complex electronic systems of modern vehicles can also be destroyed by reversed polarity.

Can I touch battery cables?

Its okay to touch both terminals of a car battery with your hands. The resistance in your body is so great that you barely complete a circuit, so you wont feel a thing.

Does red connect to positive or negative?

One is marked positive (+), the other negative (-). There are also positive and negative cables in the jumper cable set. The red one is positive (+), the black one is negative (-). Never connect the red cable to the negative battery terminal or a vehicle with a dead battery.

How do you tighten battery terminals without getting shocked?

Make sure to orient the terminals in the same way as the old battery. Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal. Use a socket set to tighten the nut and bolt on the clamp. Next, attach the negative clamp to the negative terminal and tighten sufficiently.

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