Question: Who uses Mesa Boogie amps?

Are Mesa amps good?

Mesa makes good stuff, and ONLY good stuff. Good tone, good quality. NO cheap (quality OR cost) amps from Mesa! At the same time, they Do charge a premium for the name they earned that right with the amps they build.

What Mesa Boogie amp did Metallica use?

The core of Hetfields sound is a mid-Eighties Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC++ (the extra plus denotes a Mesa modification), most likely with a pair of Aphex EQF-2 EQs and an Aphex CX-1 Compressor/Expander in the effects loop.

Does Metallica use Mesa Boogie amps?

The story of MESA/Boogie and Metallica goes back about as far as the origins of the band itself. James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have both used Mesa products in their live rigs and studio recording since the Mesa Mark IIC+ hit the streets in the early 80s .

Does Mesa Boogie use PCB?

Hand-drawn printed circuit boards inside every single amplifier. This ensures a consistent, quality tone you can count on.

Is Mesa Boogie California Tweed hand wired?

The front panel controls are chassis- mounted and hand-wired, a Mesa tradition that significantly improves reliability.

What tuning does James Hetfield use?

James and Kirk talk utilizing standard tuning on two latest albums. James and Kirk from Metallica recently discussed the differences between standard and drop tuning, with Hetfield explaining how both approaches are equally valid for different situations.

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