Question: Why did Amy and Kurt leave Celebs Go Dating?

Is Amy still with Kurt?

No, Amy and Kurt are not dating anymore.

Is anyone still dating from Celebs Go Dating?

Which Celebs Go Dating couples are still together? Kimberly and Shane committed to their relationship in the final episode, with Shane saying he had fallen in love with the actress. After the show, the pair continued in a relationship and even moved in together.

Who Amy Hart?

Who is Amy Hart? 2019 contestant Amy is an air hostess and cabin crew manager from Sussex. It sounds like love has been something hard to come by for Amy, after she summed up her love life with the song Tragedy by Steps.

Is Amy Childs still with Jamie?

Amy is clearly smitten with her Celebs Go Dating beau Jamie as shes already introduced him to some of her family - so it looks like they ARE still together. The show is filmed very close to when it airs, so it appears the couple are still going strong.

Are Curtis and Amy still friends?

Amy Hart says she and ex Curtis Pritchard check up on each other as theyve moved on since explosive split. Love Island star Amy Hart has exclusively revealed to OK! online that she and ex Curtis Pritchard have become friends and are on good terms since their explosive split on the reality TV show back in 2019.

What happened with Amy Childs on Celebs Go Dating?

Amy Childs is said to have found love after her “disastrous” time on Celebs Go Dating on which she looked for the man of her dreams. The former TOWIE star, 29, was left heartbroken after her date on the reality show, Jamie, kissed someone else while on the luxury holiday during the final.

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