Question: Where do Leo man like to be touched?

We like being touched Well, our erogenous zones happen to be our backs and chests. In fact, being petted in these areas has a way of making us somewhat submissive.

Where do you touch a Leo?

Leo. Its all about the back. A Leo loves having hands wrapped around them, back massages, and soft touches up the spine. Any back action will get a Leos endorphins going, including around the shoulders.

How do you turn on a Leo man in bed?

Heres 10 ways a Leo man gets turned on in bed – the real deal – no BS.We like the chase. Before sleeping with you, its important to play a little cat and mouse. We like being touched. We need to dominate. We dig being worshiped. Were down with fantasy play. We prefer it outside. Dirty talk is cool. We dig compliments.More items •24 Nov 2018

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