Question: Is being elusive attractive?

Studies agree, being considered elusive among your friends or co-workers can make you a more more attractive, more elusively interesting person.

What does it mean if someone is elusive?

Something or someone that is elusive is difficult to find, describe, remember, or achieve.

What is an elusive girl?

2 preferring or living in solitude and anonymity. 3 difficult to remember.

What things are elusive?

Things that are elusive are hard to find, pin down, or remember. They slip right out of your grasp. Ever try to catch a mouse? Its not easy, because mice are quick and elusive — theyre tough to catch.

Whats the difference between elusive and illusive?

In summary: Something that is elusive avoids being caught, either physically by someone pursuing it, or mentally by someone trying to understand it. Something that is illusive is based on an illusion, on something that is not true or real.

How do you use elusive?

Elusive sentence exampleShe wanted something as elusive as the scent. The answer appears as elusive for us as it did for Plato. Since 1866 he had been pursuing an elusive appearance of glory. This is actually a common bird, but had proved surprisingly elusive .More items

What type of word is elusive?

What type of word is elusive? As detailed above, elusive is an adjective. Adjective usage: elusive criminal arrested.

What is an elusive personality?

DEFINITIONS1. an elusive person or animal is difficult or impossible to find or catch. The rebel leader proved elusive.

Can a person be allusive?

The definition of allusive is a person or piece of work that makes reference to something else. An example of something allusive would be a book that frequently refers to Emily Dickinsons writing. Containing or making use of indirect references or hints.

Whats the opposite of elusive?

easy, identifiable, artless, tangible, palpable. Synonyms: pernicious, baffling, problematic, knotty, tough, insidious, subtle, problematical.

What is elusive sentence?

Definition of Elusive. difficult to find, catch, or achieve. Examples of Elusive in a sentence. 1. The police are finding it difficult to catch the elusive bank robber.

What is the opposite of elusive?

palpable, easy, tangible, identifiable, artless. Synonyms: tough, knotty, problematical, subtle, baffling, problematic. elusiveadjective.

What word means hard to find?

What is another word for hard to find?isolatedinaccessibleremotefarawayunreachabledistantelusiveout-of-the-waydifficult to get toout of the way100 more rows

What is the best synonym for elusive?

synonyms for elusiveambiguous.fleeting.illusory.puzzling.slippery.subtle.tricky.volatile.More items

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