Question: Who is the governor of Angeles City?

What state is Angeles City Philippines?

Pampanga province Angeles City is in Pampanga province in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines.

How many barangays are there in Angeles City Pampanga?

33 barangays Balibago was the most populous in Angeles City Angeles City is composed of 33 barangays, of which Balibago contributed the biggest percentage (11.85 percent).

Is Angeles City a highly urbanized city?

Angeles is a highly urbanised city and one of the most economically advanced urban centers in the country. Located within the province of Pampanga, the city is bordered by Clark Freeport Zone and Mabalacat to the north, Mexico to the east, San Fernando to the southeast, Bacolor to the south and Porac to the southwest.

What is a 4th class City?

Cities of 39,000 and less than 150,000 population constitute cities of the second class. Cities of 10,000 and less than 39,000 population constitute cities of the third class. Cities of less than 10,000 population constitute cities of the fourth class.

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