Question: Do you need a chimney liner for a pellet stove?

Pellet stoves do not necessarily need a chimney, but will need a form of flue to be installed to safely remove waste air from a home. A pellet stove can either be installed within an open fireplace and utilize an existing chimney with a flue liner, or can be vented out an external wall of a home.

Do you really need a chimney liner?

A chimney liner might not seem like an important part of your chimney, but in reality, its extremely important and improves the safety of your fireplace and home. Additionally, a chimney liner is required to be present to pass inspection for property transfer.

Can you have a chimney fire with a pellet stove?

Yes, it can happen. Typically, pellet stove chimneys get blocked by flyash, but this past season was not typical. This cooler fire allows for a lower chimney temperature and makes it easier for the smoke to attach itself to the chimney pipe in the form of creosote. If the pipe is not cleaned, a chimney fire is eminent.

Can I use chimney without liner?

Chimney liners form a barrier between the fire and the chimney and its surrounding elements. Without a chimney liner, your chimney will be in danger of overheating which can cause your chimney to combust. You dont want to play with fire and if you dont have a liner then youre in danger of burning down your house.

Do pellet stoves build up creosote?

Pellet stoves produce much less creosote than other stoves, but creosote can build up in the exhaust venting after a while. Pellet stove venting is not designed to handle high temperatures, and if a fire occurs in the exhaust vent, it can easily spread into the home.

Can you fit a flue liner from the bottom?

You can install your flexible liner either from the top or bottom of the brick chimney stack. You will need two people to install your liner successfully, one at either end of the chimney stack. The person on the roof should be safely attached! From the top of the roof, start to push the liner, down the stack.

Is it hard to install a chimney liner?

Installing a stainless steel chimney liner is an easy and economical way to repair a deteriorated, unsafe, or inefficient chimney flue. You will be able to install a chimney liner after reading this instructable and you can do the job with common household tools.

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