Question: Can you join a dating site with no pictures?

Dating apps are full of pros and cons, but two apps in particular are trying to help you find love without any pictures whatsoever. Thats right -- personality only! The new app Appetence does not allow users to see others profile pictures. They have to match and message before any pictures can be exchanged or seen.

Can you browse dating sites without a profile?

It is no longer possible to browse the majority of dating apps or websites without registering an account. As a security measure, many of these apps require users to create an account before they can begin browsing potential matches.

Why does the same person keep showing up on my Hinge?

Well, its not a glitch. Hinge does show you the same people twice sometimes, on purpose. Hinge insists that this isnt just a lazy way to fill up your feed! Rather, they have evidence that people often change their minds about whether or not they like users when they see them again.

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