Question: Who did Joey Essex used to date?

Joey has a long history of dating famous women. After his split from Sam, Joey began dating a succession of girls including TOWIE star Amber Turner, TV presenter Amy Willerton and model Lorena Medina. He also enjoyed flings with pop star Rita Ora, The Hills star Stephanie Pratt and influencer Georgie Purves.

Who did Joey Essex date?

Essex was engaged to fellow TOWIE cast member Sam Faiers, but later split up. They reconciled later in 2012. He then proposed to Faiers again in March 2013 and she accepted.

Is Joey Essex still with Brenda?

Joey Essexs ex-girlfriend Brenda Santos has discussed their intense and memorable relationship following their split. The Brazilian model spoke candidly about her whirlwind romance with the TV personality, 30, which is said to have ended in October after spending so much time together in lockdown took its toll.

Is Joey Essex real name?

Joey Donald Essex Joey Essex/Full name

How is Joey Essex rich?

The 30-year-old is reportedly worth a huge £6.3 million, made from his TV work and products including a hair line and perfume. After quitting The Only Way is Essex in 2013, Joey went on to participate in the first series of Splash! and then appeared in the thirteenth series of Im a Celebrity

Who is Joey Essex sister?

Frankie Essex Joey Essex/Sisters

Is Frankie Essex Joeys sister?

First things first, we can officially confirm that Essex is really Frankies last name. Despite the assumption of many that she and her famous brother Joey adopted the name for Towie, they were in fact christened with the last name Essex.

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