Question: How do you find someone on Kik with just their name?

How do u find people on Kik?

Finding people on Kik just got easier with our latest update! When you tap the Talk To icon in the top right of your chats list, youll see a list of all the people youre chatting with, and can quickly search for your friends. If youre looking for more people to connect with, tap Find People.

How do you find new people on Kik on Iphone?

Open the Kik application on your device. Go to the chat list, by logging in to your Kik account. Under the chat list, you will see the “Meet New People” button at the bottom of the page. After that, click Meet New People.

Does your real name show on Kik?

Kik will never share your personal information. User Name: A Kik user needs to know another Kik users username to chat with them, they cant be found using their real name. It is not required, but the app pushes users to enter their phone number so that they can match users to other Kik users based on phone contacts.

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