Question: Which is better Saint John or Moncton?

Is Moncton a good place to retire?

The city of Moncton will frequently come up as a place that people recommend moving to, and on the face of it, it does seem like a good place to live. Despite being a city it does have low-cost housing and a low crime rate.

Who is the richest person in New Brunswick?

Richest People in New Brunswick, CAJames & Arthur Irving. $11.5 Billion. James & Arthur Irving net worth: James & Arthur Irving are Canadian billionaire brothers who have a net worth of $4.5 billion. Arthur Irving. $6.4 Billion.

Are there snakes in St. John USVI?

Q: Do we have snakes in the USVI? A: “Yes, five species on St. John does not have the Virgin Islands Boa, Corn Snake, or the Racer (but there may be the odd sighting of the latter), and St. Croix only has the Blind Snake and another non-native blind snake the Rhamnotyphlops.”

Are there scorpions in St. John?

There are several species of tarantulas here, the biggest and easiest to spot being the Cyrtopholis bartholomei. Look down at the ground as you hike forest trails, like the Lind Point Trail and Reef Bay Trail on St. John. Three or four species of scorpions are found in the Virgin Islands.

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