Question: Who is Ant and Dec married to?

Ali Astall is famously married to television presenter Declan Donnelly, 45, who is one half of popular presenter duo Ant and Dec. The pair wed in 2015, but have known each other for nearly two decades after meeting through work, and their once-professional relationship then blossomed into a romantic one.

Who is Ant and Decs wife?

First picture of Ant McPartlin and his new wife after their star-studded wedding. Ant McPartlin and his new wife Anne-Marie Corbett waved and smiled to onlookers. This is the first picture of Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie Corbett after their wedding today.

Why does Ant always stand on the left?

After a poll found that 70% of viewers were unable to tell the boys apart, Dec admitted standing in the same positions is a useful way to help out the public. The pair now position themselves so that Ant is on the viewers left, and Dec on the right.

What side does ant stand on?

Left Ant Always Stands on the Left. Ant and Dec are always together on television. And in real life too.

Who is Ant new girlfriend?

Anne-Marie Corbett Who is Ants girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett? Anne-Marie Corbett is Ants former personal assistant, who worked for the same management company as Declan Donnellys wife for ten years.

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