Question: What does the box code on cigars mean?

Factory code and box date One is a secret code that tells the industry which factory made the cigars. The other is the month and year when they were boxed. The dates are not in code and the year is simple enough. The system started in 2000 with 00, then 01 and so on.

What is a 5x5 box of cigars?

Generally, 5x5 means its a five pack of cigars in a cardboard box, and you get five of the packs. Most guys will take them out of the cardboard so they dont take on a paper flavor as they age, and some wont buy aged packs for the same reason.

How can you tell if a cigar is Cuban?

Habanos puts a barcode on every box of Cuban cigars (see barcode photo above). Its located on the edge of the Cuban guarantee seal. You can use the code to verify the boxs authenticity via You can either scan the barcode with your smartphone, or type in the numbers manually.

How would you describe the taste of a cigar?

Common references to trees and plants include cedar, hickory, and oak. Cigars can be zesty, tangy, floral, and earthy, or even metallic at times. Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg. A flavor wheel is a helpful guide for understanding the range of tasting notes premium cigars possess.

How big is a box of cigars?

The following are common boxes: Cabinet selection, slid-lid or hinged lid, typically storing 25 or 50 cigars. 8-9-8, round-sided box with three layers, counting 8, 9 and 8 cigars respectively. Flat top or 13-topper, two layers with 12 on bottom and 13 on top.

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