Question: Where is Lauren Pope originally from?

How old is Lauren Pope Only Way is Essex?

38 years (September 29, 1982) Lauren Pope/Age

Is Lauren Pope really a DJ?

In 2007, Pope began a career as a DJ. Nuts magazine named her the worlds sexiest DJ. Since becoming a DJ, Pope has also become involved in producing. Pope also appears in the music video for the song Ready for the Weekend by Calvin Harris.

Who is the father of Lydia brights daughter?

father Lee Cronin If I leave the room and shes with my family, when I walk back in her face lights up. Shes honestly my best friend. Despite an attempt to rekindle their romance after their daughter was born, Lydia and Lorettas father Lee Cronin have since parted ways. He sees Loretta every weekend, she says.

Are Dan Edgar and Amber still together?

The reality star confirmed she hopes to have a child with the 30-year-old and said their six month break-up in 2018 strengthened the relationship they are in today. Amber told New! Magazine: Us breaking up for six months was the best thing thats ever happened, Dan and I are really happy, were living together now.

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