Question: Is Trade Me Co NZ down? is UP and reachable by us.

Is it safe to buy from Trade Me?

Our dedicated Trust and Safety team work behind the scenes all day, every day. Their focus is on keeping Trade Me a safe place to buy and sell, so that you can focus on making sales. We offer protection to sellers through: Secure payment systems – Ping, Afterpay and Pay Now.

How much do Trade Me sell for?

Instead, casual sellers are charged 7.9% of the sale price, and in-trade sellers are charged 7.9% of the sale price and the shipping cost combined. The maximum success fee is $249, and no fees are taken for items that sell for $1 or less.

Can I call Trade Me?

Give us some info on what you need help with, and well get back to you. We no longer have a phone number that you can call us on. Were available in live chat, 7 days a week.

How do I sell something on Trade Me NZ?

Creating listingsUse keywords in your description (e.g. Mid-century standing lamp vs lamp)Photograph your item with natural light and ensuring the background is free of distractions.End your auction between 7-10pm, Sunday – Friday.Include shipping costs.Offer appealing payment options like Ping or Afterpay.More items

How long do you have to pay on Trade Me?

Buyers agree to: Respond to emails as soon as possible, and within two working days. Pay for goods purchased as soon as possible, and within a week of the auction closing and receiving payment details.

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