Question: Can you wear shorts in Iran?

Can you wear shorts in Iran? Women cant except for in women-only areas . Men cant either unless theyre on a beach or in a gym.

What happens if you wear shorts in Iran?

I just returned from Iran a week ago. All men wear pants except for a few tourists. If you wear shorts no one will say anything to you, youll just get a few dirty looks.

Is wearing shorts in Iran illegal?

Also, it can be tight, and even a little ripped. Is wearing shorts in Iran illegal? Wearing all kinds of shorts, even walking shorts, is forbidden for women and men in Iran.

What do female tourists wear in Iran?

Iranian Women and Dress Code for Women in Iran. Women in Iran must always wear a long coat/tunic over their regular clothes and are required to cover their heads with a scarf. Its the law, and not only for women. Men should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts too.

What do tourists wear in Iran?

According to the dress code in Iran for tourists, you are supposed to hide your body shape, so you should wear trousers - either jeans, or if visiting in summer, something loose and cotton is best. Your top should be fairly baggy and fall to about mid thigh. A summer dress over jeans and t shirt is a good option.

Can females drive in Iran?

Throughout history, women in Iran have played numerous roles, and contributed in many ways, to Iranian society. Women are allowed to drive, hold public office, and attend university. Not wearing a veil in public can be punished by law; and when in public, all hair and skin except the face and hands must be covered.

Is drinking illegal in Iran?

Alcohol has been legally prohibited for Muslim Iranian citizens since the establishment of Islamic Republic government in 1979.

Is hijab mandatory in Iran?

In Iran, since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the hijab has become compulsory. Women are required to wear loose-fitting clothing and a headscarf in public.

Why was the hijab banned in Iran?

In 1936 Reza Shah banned the veil and encouraged Iranians to adopt European dress in an effort to promote nation-building in a country with many tribal, regional, religious, and class-based variations in clothing.

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