Question: Did Amber and Barnett have a baby?

Love Is Blinds Amber & Barnett Just Revealed the Real Reason They Havent Had Kids Yet. Warning: Love Is Blind: After the Altar spoilers ahead. Those who have seen Love Is Blind may be wondering where the cast is now.

What does Barnett do for a living?

Barnett works as an engineer in Canton, Georgia. According to Barnetts Netflix bio, hes an engineer by profession. Hes also a native Georgia peach and still lives just outside of Atlanta.

Are Francesca and Damian still together?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on August 2, Giannina confirmed that she and Damian have split. “I am officially single,” Giannina said. “Me and Damian havent been dating for a couple of months now.” She also confirmed to ET that shes “moved on” from her ex-fiance. “I feel really, really good.

Did Barnett and Amber Get Married?

As she told viewers in the episode, Barnett was texting Amber about his cold feet the entire night before the two tied the knot. In the end, though, Barnett and Amber said their “I dos” and became legally married.

Are Amber and Barnett still married from love is blind?

During the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, Amber and Barnett confirmed that theyre still together. The special saw Amber and Barnett celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary with a finale party, which also included Lauren and Cameron, the only other married couple from the show.

How does Barnett feel about Jessica?

In the process of getting to know other people in Season 1, Barnett had a connection with both Amber and Jessica. For a little while, Barnett seemed genuinely interested in Jessica and even hinted at proposing to her. Then, Jessica gave Mark another chance, and after he proposed, she said yes.

Is Lauren speed pregnant?

Im not pregnant, let me preface by saying, however, we do have a little fur baby. His name is Spark,” Speed told Us. “So, hes our child for now and our work is our child.”

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