Question: Who are the cast of Love Is Blind?

Who is still together from love is blind Netflix?

For almost two years, fans have been waiting to catch up with the contestants and find out who is still together from the reality series. Only two couples Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and Matt Barnett and Amber Pike remain officially together and married at the reunion.

Who are the love is blind contestants?

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Netflixs Love Is Blind.Kelly Chase, 33.Jessica Batten, 34.Lauren Speed, 33.Amber Pike, 27.Aly Costa, 36.Kay Nicole, 30.Lexie Skipper, 26.More items •28 Jul 2021

Did cast of Love Is Blind get paid?

Unlike Love Island, which apparently gives contestants enough money to cover their rent and other bills while they participate in the dating show, the couples on Love Is Blind arent known to have been paid anything.

What happened to Carlton and diamond on Love Is Blind?

A year after Love Is Blind premiered, Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton are no longer together, but they are happily living their own lives. Diamond and Carlton (who never made the Love is Blind worst husbands list) have reunited in the past, but they are currently separated, with no intention of getting back together.

Are Giannina and Damian married?

Former Love is Blind stars Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli, appeared on season 1 of the show. The couple made it to the alter on the show but didnt go through with their TV wedding. While the couple dated for at least two years after the show ended, the two never officially tied the knot.

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