Question: What does a blue traffic cone mean?

Blue traffic cones can be used to provide important information about non-hazardous areas to passersby. This colour traffic cone is also commonly used in less dangerous locations, such as stadiums and large complexes, to indicate accessible parking.

What do blue construction cones mean?

Navy Blue Traffic Cones-Notice. OSHA uses blue to denote important information that is non-hazardous. Blue is also used to designate Handicapped-only spaces. White Traffic Cones. White marks areas that are considered safe.

What do different Coloured cones mean?

Coloured cones The orange and white cone is now joined by green, yellow and blue ones, recently introduced by the Highways Agency. Green and white ones indicate access to a lane, yellow and white cones mean no stopping and blue and white cones denote an overhead structure, the agency said.

What is a standard size traffic cone?

Traffic cones are designed to be highly visible and easily movable. Various sizes are used, commonly ranging from around 30 cm (11.8 in) to a little over 1 m (39.4 in). Traffic cones come in many different colors, with orange, yellow, pink and red being the most common colors due to their brightness.

What does a blue and white traffic cone mean?

Blue and White These cones are used to make road users and road workers know that there is a hazard or danger around them. They are made aware of overhead structures such as bridges and power lines.

How many traffic cones are in the UK?

1.3 million traffic cones Although its impossible know precisely how many traffic cones are currently in use, it is thought that there are roughly 1.3 million traffic cones in the UK and roughly 140 million worldwide. Thats a lot of cones!

What does yellow cone mean?

Similar to red and orange traffic cones, yellow cones can also be used to warn passersby of potential danger up ahead; however, yellow traffic cones tend to be used when there is a lower risk of being injured while passing through the area.

What is a traffic cone called in England?

Traffic cones, also called pylons, witches hats, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, channelizing devices, construction cones, or just cones, are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner.

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