Question: Is Love Island being filmed in Torquay?

Filming for the series took place in April 2021, in the Devon town of Torquay, on the English Riveria. The house that will become as famous as Mallorcas Love Island villa is called Bay View House. Nestled on a clifftop in the Torquay hamlet of Maidencombe, it is reportedly worth £3.5 million, according to Devon Live.

Where Is Love Island being filmed this year 2021?

Where will Love Island 2021 be filmed? It is located on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca (Mallorca), in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the East of the Island. The luxury villa boasts a super-sized hot tub, infinity pool, outdoor kitchen and terrace.

Where Is Love Island currently being filmed?

Majorca Where is Love Island filmed? Love Island is filmed on the Balearic Island of Majorca, in the villa last seen in the 2019 series. The villa is in the quiet town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, situated on the islands east coast in a vast rural area.

Are they filming Love Island UK 2021?

Where will Love Island 2021 be filmed? In mid-May, ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri revealed the series was most likely going ahead in Spain, aka the home of Love Island. She told Radio Times, We havent announced anything officially but Mallorca is very much the home of Love Island.

Do Love Island own the villa?

The villa is owned by a multi-millionaire and German businessman called Nikolaus Broschek, who is faintly related to the Queen MailOnline previously reported. Before that, the Love Island villa was located in the south of the island in Ses Salines.

Can you stay at Love Island villa?

Although the Love Island Villa would make for a stylish getaway with friends to have a luxury holiday in honour of the ITV2 show, it is now a private residence currently unavailable to rent.

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