Question: Is Zari older than diamond?

It has been revealed that socialite Zari Hassan aka the Boss Lady is about 12 years older than the Bongo Flava crooner Diamond Platinumz. Images of the passport show that Zari was born on September 23, 1978.

How old is Zari The Boss Lady?

40 years (September 23, 1980) Zari Hassan/Age

Is Diamond still in love with Zari?

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan put up a video capturing her reaction after daughter Tiffah Dangote, said that she (Zari) is still in love with her father Diamond Platnumz.

Why did Diamond and Zari break up?

Obvious reason? Infidelity. She revealed how she could no longer stomach the bongo artists cheating ways and for the sake of her wellbeing, she had been forced to end their relationship. Hours after posting, her message has gone viral with her fans baying for Diamonds blood.

Who was Zari first husband?

Ivan Semwanga Zari HassanAlma materGirls High School Institution in London (diploma in Cosmetology)OccupationBusinesswoman, socialiteYears active2000—presentSpouse(s)Ivan Semwanga ​ ​ ( m. 2001; div. 2013)​3 more rows

How did Zari become rich?

The former leader of rich Gang is said to have started out his trade as a Sangoma in a South African shrine-he called himself Shaba wa Shaba. Ivan seems to have made good money from this trade as he went to invest in schools, students hostels and apartments. Zari got the lions share of Ivans wealth.

Who is the wife of Diamond?

Diamond is a Muslim. With his former partner, South African based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, he has two children. He became a father for the third time withTanzanian model Hamisa Mobeto. As of 2019 Diamond was dating Kenyan model and musician Tanasha Donna, with whom he fathered one son, born in October 2019.

Who is zaris husband?

Ivan Semwangam. 2011–2013 Ivan Semwangam. 2001–2013 Zari Hassan/Husband

Who is zarinah tlale?

Zarinah Tlale - Owner and CEO - Brooklyn City College | LinkedIn.

Is Ivan Ssemwanga still alive?

Deceased (1977–2017) Ivan Semwanga/Living or Deceased

Who is Diamond Platinum wife?

The popular Tanzanian singer has called off his planned wedding with his Kenyan girlfriend, Tanasha Donna Oketch.

Is Diamond still dating tanasha?

Diamond and Tanasha broke up sometime in April 2020 after dating for almost a year and releasing a hit song Gere. The former NRG Radio Presenter confirmed the news through her Instagram account soon after unfollowing the singer and his family.

Who is the father of Diamond Platnumz?

Abdul Juma Diamond Platnumz/Fathers

Who is the owner of Brooklyn City College in South Africa?

Zarinah Tlale - Zarinah Tlale - Owner and CEO - Brooklyn City College | LinkedIn.

What killed Ivan Ssemwanga?

May 25, 2017 Ivan Semwanga/Date of death

Who is Diamonds current girlfriend?

Close family friend and popular gossiper Juma Lokole on Friday confirmed the woman is Diamonds new girlfriend and they have dated for at least six months.

Is Neil Diamond married today?

Neil Diamond and Katie McNeil were married Saturday, the “Sweet Caroline” singer announced Sunday on Twitter, the same place he told the world of their engagement back in September. “Katie and I got married last night, we wish you all couldve been there,” the singer-songwriter told his more than 300,000 followers.

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