Question: How do you date a Sagittarius man?

One of the first thumb rules of dating a Sagittarius is to take his grand promises with a pinch of salt. Its not that he is out to deceive but just that his outgoing, optimistic and enthusiastic nature makes him believe everything is possible at a point of time even if it is not practicable.

What a Sagittarius man wants in a relationship?

Once Sagittarius finds someone he sees a future with, only then does he open himself up to the possibility of a committed relationship. This man needs a partner who matches his energy and zest for life, doesnt try to pin him down, and is just as interested in having fun as he is.

What is Sagittarius man attracted to?

A big part of the Sagittarius personality is his love of freedom. Whether its hitting the open road on his latest adventure, or simply having some time alone (probably going on a run or hike in the mountains) this guy needs a girl who wont cling to him or clutter his freedom.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man is into you?

Signs Sagittarius Men Show When They Like You More Than As A FriendHe Will Be Blunt With You. He Will Want To Travel The World Only With You. He Will Want To Go Out Spontaneously With You. He Will Make You Laugh. He Will Try New Foods With You. He Will Be Casual With You. He Will Comment On How Smart You Are.

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