Question: Which is the language of Christianity in India?

Thousands of churches today bear his name, their rituals and theology derived from Eastern Orthodox traditions in the liturgical language Syriac, a formation of Aramaic, the dialect Jesus—and Thomas—spoke. For decades now, the liturgical language of Kerala Christians has been Malayalam, the language of Kerala.

What type of Christianity is in India?

Mostly Protestant & Catholic; minority of Orthodox and others. Christianity is Indias third-largest religion after Hinduism and Islam, with approximately 27.8 million (2.78 Crore) followers, constituting 2.3 percent of Indias population (2011 census).

When did Christianity start in India?

52 CE It is commonly believed that Christianity came to India with St Thomas as early as 52 CE. He is said to have landed in Kerala and the religion took root there.

When did Christianity come to Kerala?

According to tradition, Thomas the Apostle came to Muziris on the Kerala coast in AD 52 which is in present-day Pattanam, Kerala. The Cochin Jews are known to have existed in Kerala in the 1st century AD, and it was possible for an Aramaic-speaking Jew, such as St. Thomas from Galilee, to make a trip to Kerala then.

Is there a language for Christianity?

Hebrew and Aramaic were the two original languages the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) of the Christian Bible was written in. Hebrews inscription upon the cross makes it one of the three sacred languages. Some religious nomenclature was borrowed from these languages.

Is Hindu a language or religion?

Hindi is a language. Hinduism is a religion, and its believers are called “Hindus.” Not all Hindus speak Hindi, and many Hindi-speakers are not Hindus.

Is Islam a language?

The Arabic language is associated with Islam and is the language of the Holy Quran, which Muslims believe to be Gods words. It also sheds light upon the ways in which Islam preserves the Arabic language and converts it into a universal language that is used in all of these countries.

Is Menon high caste?

Menon is an honorific hereditary title that was used as an affix to the name of some members belonging to Kiryathi and Akattu Charna classes. It is considered to be a Kshatriya subdivision of the Nair caste that originated from the south Indian state of Kerala .IITIIMIIITISBNITICAI

Which language is used in Islam?

Arabic language The Arabic language is associated with Islam and is the language of the Holy Quran, which Muslims believe to be Gods words.

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