Question: What if love is zero in Kundli matching?

The Nadi of the couple must not be the same in Love Match Compatibility. If according to Nadi calculation the couples score 8/8 then the match is considered to be very good. But if it is 0, then the marriage must not be carried out at any cost.

What if kundli does not match in love marriage?

What will happen if kundli does not match? There is likely to be Disharmony in the relationship. Even if you are in life in a relationship. Even if you both have the necessary abilities, you are likely to end up in a very toxic relationship.

Is it necessary to match kundali in love marriage?

Despite all of that, despite the lack of faith this generation has in astrology, Kundali matching has proved itself essential regardless of a marital union occurring because of love or because of having been arranged. Matching horoscopes could help any marriage with information and predictions about their married life.

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