Question: How old is Sjokz LEC?

What is Sjokz real name?

Eefje Depoortere Sjokz/Full name Eefje Depoortere (Dutch pronunciation: [eːfˌjɵ dɛˈpoːrtɵrɵ]; born 16 June 1987), known professionally as Sjokz (/ʃɒks/ shocks), is a Belgian television presenter, reporter, and esports player who is currently the host of the League of Legends World Championship. She currently resides in Germany.

Does xPeke own Astralis?

Enrique xPeke Cedeño Martínez is a League of Legends esports player, currently shareholder for Astralis. He is best known as the former mid laner of Fnatic and the former owner and mid laner of Origen.

When was the xPeke backdoor?

2013 In 2013, both Fnatic and SK Gaming faced each other in a match that would be immortalized through a legendary play by mid laner xPeke.

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