Question: What is a seductive woman?

A person who is seductive is very attractive sexually. a seductive woman. I love dressing up to look seductive. Synonyms: tempting, inviting, attractive, sexy [informal] More Synonyms of seductive.

What does it mean to be a seductive person?

Seductive is an adjective that describes the fascinating magnetic pull that someone or something has, an attractive quality that tempts you in some way. The word comes from the Latin seducere, meaning “draw aside.” When someone draws your attention aside from whatever youre doing, that is a seductive person.

How do you know a woman is seductive?

If she is being seductive, she will be having a good time. Laughing and smiling are signs that she is enjoying herself, which in turn may be signs that shes attracted to you. If a woman is trying to seduce you, she probably wont tell you what shes up to.

Whats another word for ladies man?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ladys man, like: don juan, casanova, romeo, philanderer, man on the make, gallant, amorist, lothario, skirt-chaser, womanizer and lady-killer.

What is a person who flirts called?

Some flirts are never serious. This can be annoying, and you might call such a person superficial. If a person does it solely to amuse themselves, you might call them a tease: a person who makes fun of or annoys others, as with playful or taunting remarks; A flirtatious person. - AHDEL/TFD.

What does it mean when a man seduces a woman?

seduction Human mate poaching refers to when either a male or female purposefully entices another individual who is already in an established relationship into sexual relations with them. This is akin to the definition of seduction in the introduction.

Is seduction a crime?

Seduction was a crime in many states until the late 20th century, but it is no longer criminal (unless the seduced person is underage, drugged, intoxicated or otherwise unable to consent).

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