Question: How would you describe Samantha Jones?

Character. Samantha is one of four single friends portrayed in the series. Of the four, she is the most sexually promiscuous, and most of her storylines revolve around the frequent sex she has. She is confident, strong, outspoken, and a self-proclaimed try-sexual (meaning shell try anything once).

How would you describe Carrie Bradshaw?

Personality. a bit irresposible (especially with money) and klutsy (her 4-inch heels make her trip often) but also funny, sexy, insightful, accepting, and positive. Carries optimism is what makes her such a good friend and so attractive and interesting to the men of Manhattan.

Who was Samantha Jones based on?

Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte were composites of Candace Bushnells real friends. Carrie was based entirely on Candace Bushnell, the original author of the column that Sex and the City was based upon.

What is the defender personality?

A Defender (ISFJ) is someone with the Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. These people tend to be warm and unassuming in their own steady way. Theyre efficient and responsible, giving careful attention to practical details in their daily lives.

Does Carrie Marry Aiden?

After breaking up with Mr Big, Carrie meets Aidan in season three and they seem to have a pretty sturdy relationship - before Carrie cheats on him with Big, that is. We see Aidan again later on in season six, hes got a baby and hes married and Carrie is, ultimately, happy for him.

Who does Samantha end up with?

Throughout the movie, shes tempted by her neighbor Dante (Gilles Marini) but refrains from acting on her feelings. In the end, Samantha and Smith end their relationship, and she moves back to New York. Despite their breakup, the two remain close friends, and Smith makes a cameo in the films sequel.

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