Question: How to dial a black chat line number?

How does line chat work?

Line Meeting is a new feature for the Line app that lets you video chat with a group of friends or hold an impromptu business meeting. Users can create a meeting URL from a chat room by inviting friends via the URL, or you can send the meeting URL to a chat room directly. Up to 500 people can join.

Can LINE app be hacked?

LINE has received reports of accounts being hacked. Your LINE account keeps a record of the conversations between you and the people close to you, so be careful not to tell your verification code to anyone or be tricked by phishing.

Can I still dial 0 for operator?

There is a list of options you need to go through, but if you choose 0 again, you will get the operator.

How can I chat secretly?

Now, lets move on to the four most popular Hidden Mode Chat Apps For Android.Signal Private Messenger. Signal Private Messenger application helps to send private messages and call privately. Telegram. Telegram is another secret messaging app on Android. WhatsApp. Viber Messenger.20 Jan 2021

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