Question: What is Calum Worthy doing now?

Breaking away from the role of the best friend, Worthy has been kept busy acting in various roles since his days on Austin & Ally. Since the show concluded in 2016, Worthy has appeared in the thriller movie The Thinning, as well as the TV series Lost Generation and the romcom Cassandra Frenchs Finishing School.

Where is Calum Worthy?

Los Angeles Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Worthy currently resides in Los Angeles.

What happened to Austin and ally?

What happened in the Austin & Ally series finale? The final episode flashed forward four years, and fans were in for a shock when Austin and Ally were no longer a couple. After their breakup, the former pair didnt speak anymore, but they were forced to reunite and perform on The Helen Show.

How tall is Calum Worthy?

1.8 m Calum Worthy/Height

How old is Calum Worthy?

30 years (January 28, 1991) Calum Worthy/Age

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