Question: Who is Michelle Williams Dating Now?

Did Michelle Williams remarry?

Elverum and Williams filed for divorce in April 2019; by November 2019, it was reported that they were no longer married. Later that year, Williams became engaged to the theater director Thomas Kail, with whom she worked on Fosse/Verdon; they married in March 2020.

Why did Destinys Child break up?

Accusations of management showing favoritism amongst group members and mishandling of finances are what was alleged to have caused the split. Destinys Child continued without them, as well as through solo endeavors. Years later, Roberson and Luckett reemerged and attained success in their own individual careers.

How rich is Michelle Williams?

She won a Golden Globe for My Week with Marilyn, and Fosse/Verdon earned her both a Globe and an Emmy. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Williams is worth $30 million.

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