Question: How can I join Jehovah?

Visit, and at the bottom of the home page is a link to a free home Bible study. Fill out the online request form, and a witness will be in touch with you, at a time and place convenient for you.

How do you get through to a Jehovah Witness?

The key to effective communication with Jehovahs Witnesses is getting them out of their prepared presentations by approaching Bible discussion in ways they wont expect. In this way, you can get them off autopilot and help them focus on what the Bible is really saying.

How do you become a Jehovah Witness Bible?

Obtaining a Bible Online. Visit the Jehovahs Witnesses Bible web page. At the web page, choose from over 120 languages to find the Bible thats easiest for you to read. In addition to downloading the Bibles used by Jehovahs Witnesses, you can also read them all online.

What do Jehovah Witness study?

Jehovahs Witnesses are directed to study the Bible using Watch Tower Society publications.

What is Jehovah Witness real name?

Russell was succeeded as president in 1917 by Joseph Franklin Rutherford (Judge Rutherford; 1869–1942), who changed the groups name to Jehovahs Witnesses in 1931 to emphasize its members belief that Jehovah, or Yahweh, is the true God and that the Witnesses were his specially chosen followers.

Are Jehovah Witnesses allowed to have friends?

No. Strictly speaking, there is no rule or command that forbids Jehovahs Witnesses to have non-Witness friends. However, having close relationships with worldly people (as all non-Witnesses are called) is very strongly discouraged. Being friends with non-JW is equated with disobeying God.

Do Jehovah Witnesses convert?

Conversion. Individuals seeking to be baptised as Jehovahs Witnesses are required to follow a systematic, catechistical Bible study course, usually in their home, for several months. They will be expected to attend meetings at the Kingdom Hall and must also demonstrate a willingness to carry out the doorstep ministry.

What foods can Jehovah Witnesses not eat?

Jehovahs Witnesses abstain from eating the meat of animals from which blood has not been properly drained. They also refrain from eating such things as blood sausage and blood soup. No special preparation is required.

What is the difference between Jehovahs Witness and Christianity?

For Jehovahs witnesses, there is only one God, and thats Jehovah; whereas Christians believe in the Holy Trinity of Gods presence “ God as the father, as the son (Jesus Christ), and God as the Holy Spirit. Similarities in both will end in the belief that Jesus is the son of God and also divine.

What is Jesuss real name?

Yeshua Jesus name in Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua.

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