Question: Who is Becky G dating 2021?

Becky G appears to be Sebastian Lletgets biggest fan as the Los Angeles Galaxy take on Inter Miami on April 18, 2021. During the 2019 Latin American Music Awards, Becky G had the support of her longtime boyfriend Sebastian.

Who has Becky G dated?

Sebastian Lletget Galaxy midfielder Sebastian Lletget and his girlfriend, recording artist and actress Becky G, attend the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

What nationality is Becky G boyfriend?

Personal life. In June 2016, it was confirmed that Lletget is in a relationship with Mexican-American singer-songwriter and actress Becky G. In 2020, he appeared in her music video of My Man.

Does Becky G have a boyfriend in 2021?

Becky G and Boyfriend Sebastian Lletget on How Quarantine Has Affected Their Relationship (Exclusive) The They Aint Ready singer and her soccer star boyfriend admit to ET they are cherishing this time together and whether the Coronavirus crisis has motivated them to get engaged sooner rather than later.

Is Anuel and Karol still together 2021?

Karol G and Anuel AAs relationship had made headlines time and again. Despite this, fans were pleased to see the couple in a relationship. The pair had everyone convinced that they were in this for the long term. However, in 2021, the couple confirmed they were no longer together.

Does Anuel have Karol G tattoo?

Anuel tattooed a huge photo of the two of them on his back before proposing to the singer years ago. “The tattoo I got on my back is my face and my wifes face basically, I havent even finished it, and its been a whole year thats gone by,” he told GQ during the Tattoo Tour series in 2020.

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