Question: How do you tell if a female friend has feelings for you?

How do I know if my best girl friend likes me?

7 Signs Your Girl Best Friend Likes YouShe cant take hearing stories about you going out with someone. She can never be friends with your girl. She demands so much from you. She gets jealous with your girl and compares herself to her. She likes to show you off.More items •Jan 23, 2014

How can you tell a womans character?

10 Ways to Understand a Womans Personality Without Ever Having to Ask Her About ItWhat are her life values? Does she like planning or being spontaneous? How does she react to trouble? What is her relationship with people close to her? What is her attitude toward other people? What does she do in her free time?More items

How can I read a womans mind?

0:186:05How to Read a Womans Mind | Know What Your Crush is Thinking!YouTube

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