Question: Is Amo Latina legit?

BEWARE, its a straight money grab, a scam. Of course amolatina refuses to take responsibility because they can always shift the blame to the individual women, and IF these women are real theyre in on the scam! I say IF because who knows, we could be chatting with MEN reading from scripts.

Is AmoLatina com a legitimate website?

Amolatina site is the biggest scam ever. No woman will ever talk to you outside the site. You will get the same messages from many different profiles. You will talk and talk and talk, but never get a woman to leave the site.

How do I delete my AmoLatina account?

Delete Your Modify Account Information Now follow the url “” and sign-in to your account. Click on MY ACCOUNT and then MY PROFILE. On My Profile remove your every information and then click on MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION and remove information from there and sign out from account and abandon it.

How do I cancel Amo Latina?

0:151:51How To Cancel Your Account / Profile - How To Delete YouTube

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