Question: Why are Zildjian cymbals so expensive?

Why are cymbals so expensive? Because quality costs money - Cymbal making involves a lot of skill, time, research and expensive materials. Musical instruments in general are pricey because of these factors, and cymbals in general arent all that pricey.

How do you tell a crash cymbal from a ride?

0:282:26The Difference of Ride vs. Crash Cymbals : Drum TechniquesYouTube

Where can I hit a cymbal?

2:1510:56How To Hit A Cymbal Properly - YouTubeYouTube

Where do you hit a ride cymbal?

The ride cymbal is a standard cymbal in most drum kits. It maintains a steady rhythmic pattern, sometimes called a ride pattern, rather than the accent of a crash. It is normally placed on the extreme right (or dominant hand) of a drum set, above the floor tom.

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