Question: When did B.C.Rich start making guitars?

He started the company in 1972 as a repair shop for classical and spanish guitars. In the first 2 years of company operation Rico began making solid body electrics, he made 350 B model guitars which were acoustics. Rico then used his friends name and called the company B.C Rich Guitars.

When did BC Rich guitars come out?

1978 The Bich was introduced in 1978 following in the success of B.C. Richs other solidbody guitars, the Mockingbird, the Seagull, and the Eagle, all of which saw daylight in the early/mid 1970s.

Who founded BC Rich guitars?

Bernardo Chavez Rico B.C. Rich/Founders

What does BC Rich stand for?

The Bich. The B.C. Rich Bich ten-string guitar was developed by Neal Moser, a sub-contractor for Bernie Rico (B.C. Rich) from 1974 to 1985. The guitar was introduced as the Rich Bich at the 1978 NAMM Show as a custom-order model.

How long is a B.C. Rich Warlock?

Product informationItem Weight10.6 poundsColor NameBlackFretboard MaterialRosewoodGuitar Pickup ConfigurationHScale Length25 1/213 more rows

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